Ideal fleet management solution

Locate Vehicles in Real-time

Always know the location of each vehicle in your fleet to enhance daily operations and real-time fraud detection.

Monitor Time Reporting to Reduce Frauds

Track actual hours worked for drivers with precise vehicle start and stop times by tracking vehicle usage and mileage.

Control Fuel Costs

Monitor driver behavior to reduce idle time and unauthorized vehicle use for fuel savings up to 30%.

Vehicle Health Information

Reduce vehicle downtime by proactively identifying maintenance issues before a problem arises. Remotely access diagnostic information for each vehicle in your fleet directly from your web browser including engine light status and diagnostic trouble codes.

Reduce Maintenance Expenses

Improve employee driving through driver coaching and real-time behavior management (speeding, acceleration and braking), to keep your vehicles running smoothly and prevent accidents before they happen.

Vehicle Tags

Manage larger fleets using the flexible vehicle tags to identify vehicles belonging in one or more groups for viewing and managing.

Cost-Effective Fleet Management Solution That is Easy to Install and Monitor

Fleet owners that invest in Mosurance Fleet Intelligence benefit from easy to use vehicle tracking and driver monitoring capabilities without heavy upfront costs. Mosurance Fleet Intelligence is our standard fleet offering, which includes a simple plug-and-play telematics device along with a simple-viewing fleet management interface that works with a wide variety of vehicles (work vans, delivery trucks, cars and more), and was developed based on the input from busy business owners and managers.

Key Features to Fleet Owners

  • Monitor driver behavior and encourage safe driving habits before a serious incident.
  • Provide precise time estimates to customers for delivery and pickup.
  • Dispatch drivers to customers quickly and efficiently.
  • Set alerts and notifications for time-of-day driving, speed limits, driving zone entry and exit, and unsafe driving behavior.

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